Artfacto Derem is a version aimed at independent developers who want to develop vertical projects based on one or several technologies.

It is a development environment based on the purest low-code technologies and only those technologies that are included in the technological architectures provided by Artfacto can be used.


Avaliable Frameworks

Zkoss 8.6 CE
Zkoss 8.6 EE
Angular 8
Eon.js 1.0 (webcomponent)
Spring Boot Microservices
Artfacto UX-ZKCE 1.0
Artfacto Microservices 1.0 CE
More technologies avaliable soon

Versions of Artfacto Derem.

Artfacto Derem has different versions, to adapt to any of your needs. Choose yours and start developing with Derem.

Derem Rookie

Artfacto Derem Rookie is our free and limited version aimed at users who want to try part of the functionality of our platform or simply learn some of the technologies that Artfacto uses in the generation of projects.

Which are they main features?

  • A maximum of two open source technologies available per version
  • Creation of H2 database
  • Basic screen designer with predefined templates
  • Maximum of 12 annual projects, 1 single version and 1 single business module per project
Download Derem Rookie
  • Unique workspace
  • Number of users: 1
  • User license
  • Free monthly subscription

Derem PRO

Artfacto Derem PRO, is our specific version for professionals who want to reduce their development times and/or expand their knowledge and offer services to their customers. Unlike the free version, this version provides a dedicated Artfacto instance in our cloud, allowing you to use the client application from different computers.

Which are they main features?

  • Dedicated 4Gb Ram server, 1 VCore, 20 GB SSD, 100 Mb / s (Expandable configuration).
  • Unlimited projects and business modules
  • Unique workspace
  • Multiple Open Source Technologies
  • Desktop-Web application designer
  • Database Importer
  • Importer of SOAP and REST services
  • Mobile application designer (Optional)
  • Microservice Designer (Optional)
  • Dedicated Git Server (Optional)
  • Devops server (Optional)
  • Full access to the source code
  • Number of users: 1

Derem Semantic

Artfacto Derem Semantic is aimed at professionals and enterpreneurs who need to develop applications forthird parties and/or vertical products that need to be versioned or customized for each end user. Artfacto Derem Sematnic provides the exclusive functionality of generating applications and prototypes by analyzing documents in natural language (Spanish and English) NLP, including business and behavioral rules.

Which are they main features?

  • Dedicated GitLab server 2 Gb Ram, 1 vCore 10 GB SSD, 100 Mb/s (Expandable configuration).
  • Unlimited Workspaces, projects and commercial modules
  • Unlimited open source technologies
  • Commercial technologies (optional)
  • Microservices architecture
  • Unlimited relational databases
  • Available non-relational databases
  • Copy of projects to different technologies
  • Version management
  • Copy of versions
  • Integration of SOAP and REST services
  • Mobile application designer (optional)
  • Microservice designer
  • Predefined screen templates
  • Screen reuse
  • Definition of components
  • Semantics: creation of business rules in natural language
  • Creation of projects with analysis of documents in natural language
  • Access/modify the source code
  • Number of users: 1