Artfacto Kamino is the client application of Artfacto based on the Eclipse RCP technology. Thanks to it the user can access all the necessary tools for the generation and deployment of an application and the integration with the rest of Artfacto's components.

In addition, it is integrated with our internal project management tool, Artfacto Timira.

Multiple architectures

Develop a project in any of the technological architectures.

Different technologies

Develop a project in different technologies as a laboratory.

Semiautomatic migration

Migrate a project from one technology to another semi-automatically.

independent versions

Create as many independent versions of the same project applying Blue / Green Deployment techniques.


Personalization of a vertical product for each client, maintaining a version control and life cycle.


The screen designer allows to define by drag & drop the different components, validations, rules and flows to other linked screens: web, mobile, desktop ...

With Artfacto Kamino you will have your own Low-Code platform.

Why Artfacto Kamino?

Quick and secure connection of the user's workspaces.

Kamino allows access to the different workspaces of the user to streamline the development process.

Synchronization with the services of Artfacto for the management of projects.

Create and modify projects, modules and screens from a single application.

Import of metadata for project versions.

Quick access to the importer of Timira data models.

designer of screen flows.

The Designer of Kamino allows to visualize and modify the behavior of the screens of the application with the specific components of each architecture.

Integration with the Timira Screen Editor.

It allows you to customize the layout of each of the screens of the application with the specific components of each architecture.

Screen previews

Preview of the screen schemes created with the Timira designer.

Connection to Korasa for the Generation and Distribution of the project code.

Quick access to Korasa's functionalities for code creation and its versioning for the subsequent distribution and deployment of the application.

Integration with the Korasa version distribution system.

Quick access to version control for the source code generated by Artfacto.

Artfacto Kamino is the environment from where we design our project. With Kamino we generate applications based on the technology and architecture that our client uses in their applications, in an agile and fast way, saving time and resources.


When generating a project Artfacto performs an estimated calculation of

Who is Artfacto Kamino intended for?

Technological consultants or technical departments that are thinking of streamlining their projects with the technology they have designed.

Companies that are thinking of creating their own tool to optimize and streamline their internal or external developments.

Companies that outsource their projects to third parties and need to reduce costs, without having to review each line of code received.

Companies that have a vertical product (CRM, ERP, Logistics, Medical, Financial...) and want to convert it into a Low-Code so that their customers can extend and adapt it.

All those who are thinking of creating their own Low-Code or No-Code tool.