Artfacto Korasa, the solution for the integration and automated and complete management of systems.


This is an IAS solution, based on Openshift and OpenStack that allows us to deploy server infraestructura in minutes and provide our own cloud and PAAS solution.

It also allows several models for the Artfacto distribution.



Continuous Integration

Continuous integration allows automatic integrations of the project to detect failures as soon as possible.

Thanks to the continuous integration you can make sure that all your code remains the same. In addition, it allows several teams to work together for the same delivery, product or solution.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery allows developers to automate tests beyond unit tests, ensuring that the software can be released at any time, in a reliable way.

Through continuous delivery, changes to the code are automatically prepared and delivered to the production phase.

We use Open Source Frameworks such as Git or Jenkins so no one remains captive in a proprietary solution for source code or integration.