Artfacto Tipoca is the first platform for the automated generation of applications in multiple technologies, mainly based on OpenSource.

Artfacto Tipoca es la primera plataforma para la generación automatizada de aplicaciones en múltipes tecnologías, principalmente basadas en OpenSource.

What can you get with Artfacto Tipoca?

¿Qué puedes conseguir con Artfacto Tipoca?

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Asume projects basaed on previously undominated technologies.

Una plataforma 100% adaptable y personalizable.

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Increase the profitability and productivity of your Software Factory.

Reducir hasta un 85% el tiempo de generación de aplicaciones.

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Ahorrar en costes de desarrollo, correctivos y evolutivos.

Increase the technological capacity of your Software Factory to face new challenges.

What services does it offer?

Artfacto integrates all its Devops platform and can use the DataCenter infrastructure of our technological Partner. Therefore, we must take the opportunity to offer those SWF that require it, the additional structure necessary to maintain their development environments, ie databases, containers, Windows virtual machines, php portals, java, .Net for development, Cloud...

In addition, it is integrated with our internal project management tool, Artfacto Timira.


Openshift/ rancher server with unlimited containers.


Windows virtual machines for testing or Microsoft products.


Conectivity with Azure Cloud, Google and Amazon.




Additional services connected with Artfacto.


VPN connections with its own infrastructure.

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